McKay Seed is proud to announce our new seed treatment option available for Fall 2014: Synergy. McKay Seed is partnering with Albaugh to bring you personalized seed treatments that are at the top of the marketplace in terms of effectiveness.

If you’re into the details, here they are: in our partnership with Albaugh, we laid out our primary concerns here in the Pacific Northwest. We emphasized to them that we need to combat Fusarium, Rhizoctonia, and Pythium. They came back with an aggressive but affordable combination of five active ingredients and two modes of action. Active ingredients include Difenoconozole, Metalaxyl, Rizolex, TBZ, and Macho.

Additionally, our partners at Albaugh have developed a new mode of action for increased effectiveness in combatting these profit-sinking diseases. In addition to traditional action, we have employed a new contact activity method in order to generate seed zone protection. With these two modes of action, Synergy should be more effective than any other seed treatment we’ve used previously in protecting against the PNW’s most prevalent disease threats.

It’s important to draw a distinction here: rather than some seed houses which apply a general, catch-all, non-targeted seed treatment, McKay Seed and Albaugh have developed a personalized approach which is specifically targeted for our region. Even further, we are slightly adjusting the method between our three locations-Rosalia and Almira face slightly different threats, and so will receive slightly different seed treatments. Specifically, our agronomists feel that the region surrounding our Rosalia plant faces increased wireworm pressure with substantial fusarium and pythium in pea and lentil ground, and so our seed treatment is tweaked to face those threats accordingly. In Almira, we see a high incidence of dry land foot rot caused by fusarium which is common in early seeded winter wheat and we correspondingly add extra Difenoconozole to address this.

The bottom line is simple: we want to provide you exactly what you need in terms of protecting your fertility, so we reached out and developed a product that we could adjust in order to do exactly that. We’re confident that the results will be higher profit for our customers.