McKay Seed

McKay Seed Company was founded by CEO Dan McKay in 1982, when he started McKay Seed Company in conjunction with the family farm. He has led the company ever since, with a single goal: quality. People have to understand that to get a quality crop, you need to plant quality seed. That's what we provide. The company expanded into their second location in Moses Lake to provide seed to the Columbia Basin in 1992. McKay Seed: Rosalia (formerly Wilhelm Seed) will be the third such operation.


McKay Seed is happy to announce the evergreen CSO agreements of West Bred can now be done all online with your cooperation. All that is required is going to the link below and fill out the information required to become a registered grower. Thank you for your help in making this a much easier process come seed season! If the link does not work simply go to


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McKay Seed